Issue 1

  • Abrogation of Special Status of Article 370: A Critical Analysis
    Anusha G. Rao
    Page No. 1-6
    DoP: 30-07-2020 Issue I
  • Internet Shutdowns: A Choice Between Choice and Liberty
    Aryan Raj
    Page No.: 7-9
    DoP: 30-07-2020 Issue I
  • Center- State Relations
    Diksha Mehta
    Page No.: 15-18
    DoP: 30-07-2020 Issue I
  • The Legal Interface Between Indian Patents Act, 1970 and Biological Diversity Act, 2002
    Divya Morandani
    Page No.: 19-22
    DoP: 30-07-2020 Issue I
  • Analyzing “Section 3 of The Sports Broadcasting Signals(Mandatory Sharing with Prasar Bharti) Act, 2007” on the Standards of Legality and Arbitrariness
    Ishita Shailesh, Shubham Gupta
    Page No.: 23-25
    DoP: 30-07-2020 Issue I
  • A Call for Redemption of Indian Maritime Zone
    Jai Hooda
    Page No.: 26-30
    DoP: 30-07-2020 Issue I
  • Striking Balance Between individual Liberty and National Security
    Manav Sharma 
    Page No.: 31-35
    DoP: 30-07-2020 Issue I
  • Catering the Rights of the Disabled in the E- Commerce Sector: An Insight into the American Jurisprudence
    Shrirang Ashtaputre
    Page No.: 36-41
    DoP: 30-07-2020 Issue I
  • Historical background of Ram Janambhoomi: Babri Masjid Dispute
    Siddharth Srivastava
    Page No.: 42-46
    DoP: 30-07-2020 Issue I